Business Finance

At Corporate Guardian, we specialise in effective business finance solutions for a wide spectrum of cash flow problems. We’re not a bank and we don’t behave like one. We believe in quick action and can furnish the business funding your company needs precisely when you need it.

How we can help

Corporate Guardian has helped hundreds of Australian companies to resolve financial issues of all kinds. Because we’ve provided business loans for so many different types of funding problems, we’re skilled at helping our clients to see their situations clearly and to resolve any entanglements they face. 

While we understand that each case is different, the chances are excellent that we’ve helped someone in your position before. As such, we can deliver wise counsel as to your most effective course of action. 

We’ll help you move into the strongest position possible. When threatened by financial difficulties, a company can become so vulnerable to creditors and competitors that an otherwise excellent chance for recovery is lost. Our consulting process can help you identify your recovery options and give you the clarity to choose a suitable course of action.

Business Funding

We can approve business finance loans in as little as 24 hours. We know that time is of the essence when you’re faced with crises involving creditors, taxes, payroll, a Director’s Penalty Notice, business liquidation, bankruptcy or loosing a home. Loan options include short term funding, invoice finance, business overdraft, mortgage finance and unsecured trade finance.

Business Finance Process

Our business funding resolution process is quick and efficient. We provide everything you need, from initial consultation, clarification of your options, helping you make decisions, implementing a plan and providing funds. We furnish all the resources and services you’ll need, helping you to feel certain about a positive outcome. Consultation is free of charge, and we take no action without your consent.

Business Loans For Growth

Our services include funding for growth. When you want to take your company to the next level, your bank may be unwilling to back you up. At Corporate Guardian, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses expand. 

We offer many different types of business loans to help you grow your company. Whether your enterprise is new and lacks the requisite number of trading years to get bank funding, or your bank simply won’t cooperate, Corporate Guardian can be your go-to source for support. 

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