The directors of a company urgently needed additional working capital. The company was sound however, during a previous quiet period, they had missed two loan repayments. As a result of their credit history, their bank turned them down and would not provide any new funds.

A positive way forward

Corporate Guardian sources a short term loan to assist with immediate pressures. This is replaced with an Invoice Finance Facility that enables the business to smooth its income and to avoid similar financing problems occurring in the future.

There are many instances where we have been able to source the funding that our clients need when their banks have repeatedly let them down. In part this is due to the fact that we offer a range of funding options that many banks will not. We are also alert to the commercial pressures that many of our clients are under. We respond to this by driving through the process quickly, often approving funding within 24 hours.

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Please note: These scenarios are intended to illustrate the type of problems that our clients experience and the possible remedy. They are not intended to portray real companies or real case studies.

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