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Should you choose to refer your clients to us, we can provide them with the information, resources and funding that they need in order to resolve business problems. Where business failure is unavoidable, we act with respect towards your clients.

Referring your clients

When you refer your clients to Corporate Guardian, you canĀ be confidentĀ that they will be treated professionally. At a minimum, we may be able to help them through a difficult process and to regain some element of control in situations where they may otherwise have few options and little influence. In many cases we are able to help clients to rebuild their business into a profitable entity.

We are aware that, in these situations, companies and directors can be exploited. Corporate Guardian consciously and conspicuously stands apart from this type of conduct. We provide an open and ethical service and are always happy to work with you in the best interest of your client. We do not provide accountancy/tax/audit services, or other services that conflict with those of traditional accountants.

Strategic action prior to insolvency

There are positive and legal steps that your client can take prior to formal insolvency that can go a long way to protecting their business. There is no downside to undertaking this process (if it is done properly and within the constraints of the law). The upside can offer substantial financial savings and, where there is real potential for a viable business, we can also explore funding options that will enable the business to trade back to health.

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