A Quick & Transparent Process

We provide you with the services and resources you need to achieve the business results you want, and it provides you with a very high degree of certainty about the outcome. Each component is modular; you can choose one, several or any combination that meets your requirements. The entire process is open, and no action is taken without your acknowledgement and approval.


Initial Consultation

This consultation will provide you with a quick understanding of your situation, an overview of the likely series of events, knowledge of your options and the consequences of each.

Strategies & Options

Following the initial consultation, we conduct a more detailed analysis of your business and your options. Directors can often be surprised to find possibilities available to them that they were not aware existed. These can immediately improve your situation and help you to take some measure of control over events that may have gotten out of hand.


We will present each strategy and option to you, explain the pros and cons of each and make sure they can be executed in the time frame you require. The final decision of which one you choose to follow is yours.

Implementation & Funding

Our services are hands on and are designed to manage the process in your best interests as to achieve the implementation of your decision, this includes:

Creditor negotiation

We can negotiate with your creditors on your behalf in order to reduce your debt levels or spread payments in a more manageable way. This can be done in an informal manner or through a formal restructure.

Legal assistance

Where legal proceedings have begun or a court hearing is imminent, we may be able to assist you in securing an adjournment. Often creditors are willing to make more time available once you can demonstrate that a plan is in place, and that independent professional assistance – has been secured.


Corporate Guardian can source you with the funding you need, through JS Finance Pty Ltd (ABN: 75 141 236 535) and other. The decisions in this regard can be obtained quickly. We don’t function like, or think like, a bank – we work with the commercial realities of your situation and act quickly when funding is urgent; often approving funds can occur within 24 hours.

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