Corporate Finance

At Corporate Guardian, we specialise in providing viable options to preserve and protect your business. We’ve helped thousands of clients with creative corporate finance solutions specifically tailored to meet their needs.

Whether you’re facing major cash flow difficulties or the threat of legal action, it’s entirely possible that your corporate finance challenge is one we’ve already helped others in your position to overcome. 

Our mission is to help our Australian business owners with the capability to do what you do best. Whether you need corporate finance funds to generate growth, money to satisfy the demands of creditors, short-term finance solutions or resources to cover an unexpected emergency, we’re here to help.

Expert Consulting Services 

Our extensive experience and proven track record of helping other businesses can be of great benefit to you. We understand that not all corporate finance problems are created equal. However, there are core issues and common qualities within all business finance dilemmas that we have successfully resolved for our clients. 

We’ll help you to see the situation clearly, to understand your options, to begin the process of recovery and provide the money to make it happen. We’ll work with you to develop a plan, give you the backing to carry it out, restore your sense of control, and help you achieve an effective resolution.

Short-Term Corporate Finance Solutions

Our corporate finance funding is generally 3-6 months. It’s designed to settle immediate problems with debt, to meet payroll costs, to acquire a new business, to purchase stock and to address other short-term corporate finance difficulties. 

We know you need money quickly, so our application and approval process is fast and easy. Funds become available swiftly with no upfront costs and no monthly repayments. Interest is due when the loan is paid in full.

A Strong Recovery Program Is Your Best Defence

A business with financial problems can be vulnerable. Creditors and competitors are quick to take advantage of what they see as a weakened position. Although a company might have excellent prospects for recovery, a temporary vulnerability can open the door to possible failure. 

A perceived lack of options makes it impossible to implement a strong program of recovery. At Corporate Guardian, we’re here to help you make intelligent decisions and implement a plan that works. We’ll work with you to reduce the stress caused by not knowing which way to turn. We’ll provide the resources you need and help get your business back on track.

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