The directors of a small business had received a Statutory Demand for non-payment to a supplier. They had not responded to it. As a consequence they were now facing court in three days time. The business did not have the funds to pay the supplier as one of their own clients had recently gone into liquidation owing them a large amount of money. As a result, they were likely to be facing a Winding Up Order against their company.

A positive way forward

Corporate Guardian establishes that funding for the business can be arranged. Based on this, the supplier’s solicitor is contacted and an adjournment is agreed. An informal payment arrangement is negotiated and the business is able to continue operating.

Being taken to court is daunting, especially for business owners who have not been through this experience before. We are able to quickly assess the worst-case and best-case scenarios and to develop a strategy for each. In many instances we can put in place a remedy to deal with the problem. Once this has been outlined and accepted, we are often able to agree an adjournment with the plaintiff or their lawyers and to negotiate a settlement than benefits both sides.

Please note: These scenarios are intended to illustrate the type of problems that our clients experience and the possible remedy. They are not intended to portray real companies or real case studies.

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