Being taken to court?

The directors of a small business had received a Statutory Demand for non-payment to a supplier. They had not responded to it. As a consequence they were now facing…

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Directors’ penalty notice?

The ATO had issued all three directors of a small company with a Director’s Penalty Notice. They had taken no action and, after 21 days elapsed, the Notice had…

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Can’t pay creditors?

A crucial supplier was refusing to provide new stock until their outstanding invoices are paid. Due to temporary liquidity problems, non-payment had now stretched to…

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Worried about losing your home?

A supplier was taking action against an owner of a small business to enforce a personal guarantee for a debt owed by the company. The supplier had listed a credit default..

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Can’t pay your tax?

A business had failed to lodge a BAS for two years. As a consequence the ATO had issued the company with a Statutory Demand for Payment. The company does not…

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Can’t get bank finance?

The directors of a company/partnership/sole trader urgently needed additional working capital. The company was sound however, during a previous quiet period, they had missed two…

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Other problems not on this list?

If your business problem is not on the list, there is still a good chance that we can help you to solve it. We offer a wide range of services and have the expertise, resources…

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